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I would like to bring to your notice an incident of utmost honesty shown by your above employee while he was engaged in replacing the car hired from your company. On 2nd February, at about 7.00PM Mr. Shefiq replaced my car as it was due for service. I exchanged the car for the replacement vehicle and Shefiq left for your garage. After about 10 minutes I got a call from him informing that some money is left in the car and he wants to return it. I immediately realized that I forgot to remove about Dhs. 10,000 from the glove box which I had withdrawn from the bank. He told me that he is returning to the place where we met and asked me to wait. He returned to the same place where we exchanged vehicles and I took the money from the car. I consider it my duty to bring this to your attention as you have been blessed to have such an honest employee in your company. As I was reaching home late because of traffic congestion, he patiently waited for me near my apartment building to exchange the vehicle which again shows his service mindedness. I sincerely hope that you will take note of this in Shefiq’s service records and reward him suitably.
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